"Age of King: The Conqueror" Tournaments history

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1vs1 RM Tournaments



1st - 2nd (score)



Others players / Bracket / Notes
2000 august MFO - Clash of the Titan
DevilZ_High 2 - 0 Koven ½
Koven vs MoZory

DevilZ_High vs Crexis
IamJordan, RD_Champion, Kaohen, Play_boys, ...

Final review DevilZ_High is Myth_Hunhau

Nice game with comment and pictures: Koven vs Paranoia
2000 october WCG Challenge 2000
Kimchisarang_kr (Seo yong Ahn) 1 - 0 Grunt Mozory_kr BoDyGuard_kr (only Korean players)

CNS_PG_kr win Koven_kr
wargrunt_kr win haekyulsa_kr
BoDyGuard_kr win CNS_Ky0_kr
AK_sniper_kr win AK_dfrr123_kr
SPOON_JUN_kr win Deathllord_kr
Mozory_kr win zzang9_kr

wargrunt_kr win CNS_PG_kr
BoDyGuard_kr win AK_sniper_kr
Kimchisarang_kr win AK_LongLife_kr
Mozory_kr win SPOON_JUN_kr

wargrunt_kr win BoDyGuard_kr
Kimchisarang_kr win Mozory_kr

Kimchisarang_kr win wargrunt_kr

3rd Place
Mozory_kr win BoDyGuard_kr

2001 FOPT - ReFF's Rumble Cup
Aluba 2 - 0 _riZen_Capoch_ Cattino(Arch_Vile_)
_Zhaz Geek, Mimmox, korean2003, Play_Boys, Kahoen, Chris, ...

_riZen_Capoch_ vs _riZen_Chris_
Play_Boys vs Kahoen
_riZen_GeeK vs L_Clan_Dumbo (Mimmox)
Arch_Vile_ vs _riZen_MatadoR_ (_korean2003)
_Zhaz vs saffier_
FighT_P1mp_ vs XX_Nightmares
Aluba vs AA_CriMiNaL
ONU_S2andu vs super_E_

_riZen_Capoch_ vs Play_Boys
Arch_Vile_ vs _riZen_GeeK
_Zhaz vs FighT_P1mp_
Aluba vs ONU_S2andu

_riZen_Capoch_ vs Arch_Vile_
Aluba vs _Zhaz

1st: $500
2nd: $250
3rd: $150

7 additionnal games:
2001 june Path of The Conqueror (PoTC) StorM_Panther_ ($350) - Storm_Rising ($100) StorM_Requiem ($25), Mimmox ($25) elfanor, Crexis, Myth_Ares, FletcheR, Tamock, Gx_Iron, ...

cf http://web.archive.org/web/20010616213910/www.planetaoe.com/community/tournaments/potc/round5.shtml

"By the end of 2000 I was only rated around 1850. The very same rating that I had achieved in AOK 7 months earlier! I think that most people would quit if they hadn’t gotten any better in rating in 7 months, in-between I actually was only worth high 1700s in early AOC for a while. Early in January I achieved my first 1900 in AOC under _crucible. I got it to 1905, and didn’t touch it for months, I was so proud of it. By the end of January, I had left PR and joined the Kansas clan under KS_Haws. Something about the clan and about the name just felt right, I can’t explain it. I started playing 1v1 in rated and won my 1st 17 games in a row, By the end of February I had achieved my very first 2k name. When I joined the Kansas clan, I promised myself 2 things, I promised myself a 2k name and an invitation to join the StorM clan. I had achieved one, so I was determined to finish the other one. Luckily KS and StorM were closely related through several members, and I begged Rahl to talk to them for me. Being the nice guy that he is, Rahl put in a good word for me and I played a couple games versus Front as a "tryout." On Arabia(which I believed was my best chance to show what I was capable of) I choked. I was beyond choking, I laid down and Front beat me like a red headed step child. The next game was random map and came out to be oasis, with some help from the watchers (thanks rahl *cough*) I beat front in post imp. I still thought that I had choked hard-core, but to my surprise I was offered an invite and became StorM_Panther_ in April of 2001. At the same time, Planet AOE’s Path of the Conqueror tournament was ongoing. I was entered under my KS name, and had a pretty easy draw to the quarterfinals. 5 of the 8 finalists were now StorM members. 3 of the final 4 ended up being StorM as well, Rising has said that it was the proudest moment of his gaming career. I was one of those 4 finalists. I beat Winds 2-1 in the semi’s and Rising 2-0 in the finals to win the tournament in June of 2001. I had expected to do well, but never in my wildest dreams had I expected to win a tournament with such incredible players. That was and is definitely the highlight of my career. That summer I went on playing successfully in rated, eventually getting KS_Haws to 2100 around the time of the patch release. The patch release and increased involvement in Football and school took away a lot what I could give to AOC, and my gaming suffered. But I’ve always been around, and win or lose, always recognized as a good player"
2001 november MS Tourney
Grunt 1 - 0 Kaohen
Kaohen vs SHS_North

Grunt vs GX_Iron

Nick - real name (country):
GX_Iron - Jerry Terry (U.S .)
Crexis - Sunny Sihota (Canada)
SHS_North - Paul Clarke (U.K.)
DjiNN_crouvex - Thomas Gross (Germany)
NG_DeathKnight - Vignon François (France)
_ZhaZ - Jonas Hasselrot (Sweden)
Le_Duke_Of_Soda - Magnus Harald Haslebo (Denmark)
Elfanor - Gaspard Gilot (Belgium)
Myth_Osiris - Tim Taminiau (Netherlands)
PN_Gary__Payton - Norson Shiniti Saho (Brazil)
__Mossar aka Grunt - Byung Geon Kang (South Korea)
Darq_Ladywoogy - Tanya Cowan (Australia)
Kaohen - Alex Wang (Taiwan)
Marcelo Ikegaki (Argentina)
SeekDefeat - Hong Delin (Singapore)
CID_Redstar - Christian Gebhart (Switzerland)"

story from Csi (cache)

1) SHS_North defeats SUD_Tkenobi
2) H_Haslebo defeats PN_Gary__Payton
3) Myth_Osiris defeats Crexis
4) Kaohen defeats SeekDefeat
5) DjiNN_crouvex defeats Darq_Ladywoogy
6) __Mossar defeats Elfanor
7) GX_Iron defeats CID_Redstar
8) NG_DeathKnight defeats _ZhaZ

1) SHS_North defeats H_Haslebo
2) Kaohen defeats Myth_Osiris
3) __Mossar defeats DjiNN_crouvex
4) GX_Iron defeats NG_DeathKnight
In the first semi-final game Kaohen (Taiwan) defeats SHS_North (UK) in a hard fought game that went right into the Imperial Age. North has to settle for something like $7500, while Kaohen is now at least $20,000 richer. He'll be taking on either Gx_Iron or Grunt in the finals, as those two are just preparing to play now. ...I think the turning point in that game was when Kaohen beat North to Castle and took the seas...it had been a very close galley battle until that point... ; )
Most people picked __Mossar (Korea) aka Grunt to win the tournament, and he doesn't disappoint. He excels on water maps just as well as standard Arabia. He has just advanced to the finals, defeating GX_Iron (USA) on a medi map.

The finals are a Korea versus Taiwan match-up on the Highlands map. They are currently setting up for the game, stay tuned! __Mossar (Korea) aka Grunt defeated Kaohen (Taiwan) on a Highland map that was without a river! The game was short but had plenty of Feudal Age fighting, with both players raiding the other's town. The RoR champion, Matt "maimin_matty" Scadding was on hand to present the winner with a sword, and of course a cheque for $50,000.
Big congrats to __Mossar!

Group snapshot:
2001 FOPT - Birthday Mimmox "For Saturday May 5th we have scheduled another event which might be of some public interest: the "Day of the Champions" - tournament, a 1 vs 1 Arabia tournament with 11 top-notch AOK-players from 11 different countries such as Kaiser_Willhelm (Sweden), Myth_Ares_ (USA), Myth_Osiris (Netherlands), _IamChris (Canada), pG_FIRE_ (Germany), ... hosted by FOPT.

Without exaggeration you can say this is the - skillwise - best AOK-tournament in 2001 so far."
2001 august FOPT - Summer Cup EvilBlitZ_NG win Mimmox Mimmox vs Elfanor
EvilBlitZ_NG vs The_Steam_
"I would like to inform you about another big event hosted by the FOPT-Clan and -Fan Site on August 11th, 2001. The "FOPT Summer-Cup 2001" is an invitational tournament (1 vs. 1 - Arabia) for experts. Following 12 players from 10 different countries have been invited to show us the latest developments in patch strategy:

01.) Arch_Vile_ (Australia)
02.) Dante_Ill_ (USA)
03.) DjiNN_Crouvex (Germany)
04.) Elfanor (Belgium)
05.) EvilBlitZ_NG (France)
06.) FOPT_Blueberry (Austria)
07.) Kaiser_Willhelm (Sweden)
08.) Mimmox (Italy)
09.) SHS_North (England)
10.) StorM_Panther_ (USA)
11.) The_Steam_ (Lithuania)
12.) WX_Swinger (USA)

2001 World Cyber Games 2001 Kmkm vs Grunt Chun_yu L_Clan_Chris KmKm win Koven at first round 

Jeng Cheng Tseng won a gold medal by defeating a formidable opponent, Byung-geon Kang.

As a prominent student pro-gamer in Chinese Taipei, which rose to the surface as a new game power, the seventeen-year-old medalist Jeng Cheng Tseng beat Kang Byong-Gon of Korea in the final match of Age of Empires II: The Conquerors.

1. Congratulations! How do you feel right now?
- I am thrilled and excited. I hardly believe I've won even now.

2. Who was the toughest?
- I found it difficult to counter with Korean players esp. Byung-geon Kang, my last opponent.

3. What is your impression on WCG and how is your life here?
- Fabulous. I appreciate many kindnesses given by Koreans. I hope there will be an international game tournament like the WCG in my country also.

4. How about your experience as a gamer, and when did you start playing Age of Empires?
- Turning about four or five years old, I started to be into the games. In the case of Age of Empires II, I played it first in August of 2000, and have signed up for three Age of Empires II tourneys where I ranked first once, and second twice.

5. Can you describe the gaming environment in Chinese Taipei?
- There are many people enjoying games and many active game tournaments also. We have a couple of game tournaments for Age of Empires II. C&C series is one of the favorites many gamers in Chinese are enjoying.

6. Do you happen to have a mind to become a pro gamer in Korea?
- I don't think I play in a specific area. I will participate in any international events like the WCG regardless of area. Please keep watching how I develop as a pro-gamer.

source: http://www.worldcybergames.com/hottopics/ht_wcginterviews_view.asp?catalog_seq=21&cont_seq=1344

2002 march FOPT - Arbalet Cup I

US $5.000 Prize-Money and more than 500 players
(1 vs 1 Arabia)
Arch_Koven - L_Clan_Chris (2 - 0)
RD_Champion Arch_Koven, RD_Champion, Grunt, L_Clan_Chris, Tamock

others records: http://www.klan-ak.com/partidas.php

RD_Champion interview
2002 Legion Cup I Grunt - L_Clan_Apple
2002 Legion - Arbalet Cup II
Halen (2 - 0) Grunt 3rd place : L_Clan_Chris (2 - 0) L_Clan_Ugnis ½
Halen vs L_Clan_Ugnis (2 - 0)
Grunt vs L_Clan_Chris (2 - 1)
1st/2nd rounds on islands, 3rd/4th rounds on arabia and further rounds on blind random
1st: $5000
2nd: $3000
3th: $2000
2002 Legion Cup II L_Clan_Chris (2 - 0) Tamock L_Clan_Chris vs pG_Fire (L_Clan_Water) (not sure)
Tamoch vs Halen (not sure)
2002 june Legion - Alliance Cup
Halen - Pepin ½
Mimmox (aka L_Clan_Dumbo)
_DauT_ vs Pepin
L_Clan_chris vs SeVeN_mozart
L_Clan_apple vs Mimmox
Halen vs Halen_girl (aka Grunt)
Blind Random - Sponsored by ARBALET and Hosted by MFO
bracket : http://www.rtscentral.com/Events.asp?EventId=154&Action=SHOWBRACKET&BracketId=331
games : (a filtrer) http://www.rtscentral.com/Library.asp?VolumeId=17&Action=LISTLIBRARY&filter_strvalue1=Alliance+Cup final comment (text+snapshot): http://www.mrfixitonline.com/readPosting.asp?PostingId=933810
2002 november MFO/Legion - "Long Live the King!" Fortress Regicide
L_Clan_Capoch - L_Clan_TheChobo ½
L_Clan_TheChobo vs L_Clan_Hasar_
L_Clan_Capoch vs pG_Lance
¼ L_Clan_TheChobo vs Vogue
L_Clan_Hasar_ vs L_Clan_Trippin
L_Clan_Capoch vs L_Clan_Hackl
pG_Lance vs _DauT_
others _iambvirus, Pray_4YourLife, ...
2002 november AOC $4000 Tourney L_Clan_Chris ($2,000) - L_Clan_Capoch ($750) ½
¼ player list: http://www.rtscentral.com/events.asp?Action=SHOWPLAYERS&EventId=178

2002 World Cyber Games 2002 Halen - IamKen RIP_DREAMS_nl Dante Halen win IamKmKm at first round, Geek loose at 4th round, Chun_yu loose at 5th round)
2003 FOPT "Anniversary-Cup"
(Tournament with US $600 Prize-Money and 512 players for AoC and AoM)
L_Clan_Shmeker 2 - 1 Halen Bender, FletcheR, Capoch, Devaki, Halen, Inc, ...

FOPT's Anniversary Cup

FOPT are hosting two big tournaments for AoM and AoC;

"Dear AoC- and AoM - Players!

To celebrate our 3rd birthday as a clan and international fansite, FOPT is once again hosting a big tournament, this time for both, Age of Kings: The Conquerors and Age of Mythology. We hereby invite all players to join the competition and show the gaming world how strong and united our community (still) is.

Both events are 1v1, Random Map, Single Elimination.

The tournaments are open for all. There is a total prize-money of US $600 although the main purpose is to have a lot of fun.

Sign-Ups are open from now till Sunday May 18th (in less than 24 hours already more than 250 players have signed up).

Last updated on 5/8/2003 12:31pm
2003 october FOPT - Arabia Masters
_SWJ_Windy - L_Clan_Shmeker (3 - 2) ½
FOX_Girino 0 - 2 _SWJ_windy
L_Clan_Shmeker 2 - 0 _BAT_YYQ or _CNS_Yanzi

Olympus_SainT_ vs _SWJ_windy
FOX_aLwaYs_ToP1 vs Olympus_PPoc
Lord_K2 vs L_Clan_Shmeker
_BAT_YYQ vs _CNS_Yanzi

- KGB__Logan (2035, Brasil) vs Olympus_SainT_ (1888, Bulgaria)
- _SWJ_windy (2054, China) vs _MyST_playboy (2202, China)
- FOX_aLwaYs_ToP1 (2052, Brasil) vs _21tc_Polar (2104, China)
- Olympus_PPoc (2184, Spain) vs CNS_PG (1781, South Korea)
- Lord_K2 (2060, Poland) vs WoLF_RuKie (2161, Spain)
- FOX_Tenorio (2055, Brasil) vs L_Clan_Shmeker (2375, Serbia and Montenegro)
- BAT_YYQ (2106, China) vs Arch_Devaki_ (2201, Spain)
- CNS_Yanzi (2363, Hong Kong) vs _MyST_fengyun_1 (2018, China)
sommes others players:
2003 jully CERPIO Glatiator Cup L_Clan_Shmeker - StorM_Blade DarkL_bvirus__, Fletcher "After defeating DarkL_bvirus__ in the semifinals Shmeker played the finals on the same day vs StorM_Blade. After a Scandinavia and a Ghost Lake game Shmeker emerged victorious. These games as well as the semifinal games, including 3 matches between Blade and Fletcher can be downloaded from CERPIO forums"
Congratulations to Shmeker and Blade for winning their prices and well done to CERPIO for managing such a large tournament. (http://www.rtscentral.com/readTopic.asp?PostingId=1498074)
Cf http://aoclife.ddo.jp/aoc/recs/xaputa_contributed-2004-recs/TvkRecs.rar.txt
2003 jully Tvk Tourney Yanzi 2 - 1 L_Clan_Shmeker ½
Yanzi 2 - 1 L_Clan_Chris
L_Clan_Shmeker 2 - 0 L_Clan_Capoch
Bender, Fletcher, pG_Lance, L_Clan_Chris, L_Clan_Capoch, Girino, ...

Others records:
2003 november Legion - Arbalet Cup III
L_Clan_Chris 2 - 0 L_Clan_Bender L_Clan_Capoch (2 - 1) SWJ_Windy ½
L_Clan_Chris 2 - 1 SWJ_Windy
L_Clan_Bender 2 - 1 L_Clan_Capoch

1st L_Clan_Chris $2000
2nd L_Clan_Bender $1500
3th _SWJ_Windy $1000
4th L_Clan_Capoch $800
5th L_Clan_Boston (_CATH_BIKA) $600
6th Storm_Blade_ $500
7th L_Clan_Hackl $350
8th CsI_Inc $250

Replays from Final phase:
2003 november Masters of AoC Lan
€2000 cash prizes
Yanzi - Olympus_PPoc Grunt Kkab Geek, Ruso, rAlbEr, StorM_Country, L_Clan_Pi

see: "CNS_Yanzi wins the Villablino Lan tournament

CNS_Yanzi has won the Masters of AoC Lan-tournament in Villablino. He defeated Olympus_Ppoc in the finals in an Arabia defaults game. Yanzi can now enjoy his Euro 1000,- while Ppoc also gets E 500,- and both bring a nice trophy home. Congratulations to both players as well as all others that won prizes

Update: BsK now has a 19 pack of recorded games to download including the finals. Grunt took 3rd place and Kbab 4th place in the 1vs1 tournament."
2003 december MFO - The Conquering Hero
L_Clan_Capoch 2 - 0 Storm_Extacy ½
L_Clan_Capoch 2 - 1 L_Clan_Shmeker

Storm_Extacy - Wolf_Rukie
L_Clan_Chris, Peel, L_Clan_Bender, pRaXiS, Drinky_T, Storm_Blade, L_Clan_Buddha, Bvirus, L_Clan_Hackl, ...

1st: $500
2nd: $300
3th: $250
4th: $150
5-8th: $100
9-16nd: $50

Others games:
2004 march Bsk - MVP L_Clan_Shmeker 3 - 0 Grunt ½
L_Clan_Shmeker 3 - 2 L_Clan_Capoch

Grunt 3 - 0 CNA_Free
Buddha, Rami, Fletcher, CNA_Free2, Capoch, Girino, Imp_Fox, Ppoc, Arch_Vile_, PeEl ...

1st: $700
2nd: $300
60 games pack
2004 march Legion - Cup 3 Aoc StorM_Blade - L_Clan_capoch CNA_Free WolF_RuKie Last 4 Players: L_Clan_Capoch, StorM_Blade_, WolF_RuKie, CNA_Free
1st StorM_Blade 11:4
2nd L_Clan_capoch 9:6
3rd CNA_Free 5:10
4th WolF_RuKie 5:10

L_Clan_Capoch vs StorM_Blade_ 1:4
L_Clan_Capoch vs WolF_RuKie 4:1
StorM_Blade_ vs WolF_Rukie 3:2
WolF_RuKie vs CNA_Free 2:3
CNA_Free vs L_Clan_Capoch 1:4
CNA_Free vs StorM_Blade_ 1:4

1st: $300
2nd: $200
3th: $100
The 4 finalists will face each other in a mini league in best of 5 series.
All 5 Games MUST be played each game giving 1 point!!
Maps: (2x) Arabia, (2x) Regedice LandFortress, Nomad
All records: Sources:
2004 jully FOPT - Simply the Best
$700 cash prizes
Myst_BT4 - Myst_Iori ½
_MyST_BT4 (China, 2509) - WoLF_RuKie (Spain, 2330) (3 - 2)
_MyST_IORI_ (China, 2008) - L_Clan_Igloo (England, 2236) (3 - 2)
L_Clan_Shmeker (loose against Myst_Iori in ¼)
L_Clan_Chris (loose against Myst_Iori in 1/8)
2004 jully CERPIO Gladiator Cup II
$300 cash prizes
PL_PeEL 3 - 1 L_Clan_Shmeker RD_ChampioN

Source: "PL_PeEL (Polonia) vencio 3-1 a L_Clan_Shmeker (Serbia) y asi se llevo el 1er lugar (150u$ creo), los 4 partidos jugados en el mapa Arabia.

Shmeker viene en caida, recuerden que habia perdido en 4tos de final del torneo invitacional "Simply The Best" organizado por el FOPT."
2004 august UD CLan - Return of the Champion ROC I
ArgoNaut_GoKu_ - L_Clan_2Scared Dreamsz, Tsu_T_I2UDE, ArgoNaut_WaVeZ
1v1 Blind Random Tournament hosted by UD Clan, Prize: USD $200
2004 Elt tournament 2004 (Hero Of Arabia Tournament 2004) ArgoNaut_GoKu_ 1 - 0 ELT_DreaIVIs ½
ArgoNaut_GoKu_ 1 - 0 L_Clan_Capoch
ELT_DreaIVIs 1 - 0 L_Clan_Sutra
ArgoNaut_GoKu_ 1 - 0 L_Clan_Chris L_Clan_Capoch 1 - 0 Jacob_Candar ELT_DreaIVIs 1 - 0 ease_boy L_Clan_Sutra 1 - 0 ArgoNaut_Winds_ (rami)
Rules and setings
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
2004 november Rakeshty AoC 2004 ArgoNaut_GoKu_ - L_Clan_Chris (3 - 0) ½
Rukie, dziam
Bracket1 (cache)
Bracket2 (cache)

2005 january AYN Cup
bvirusZilla__ 2 - 1 Ninja_Soul_ Hosted by AYN Clan

Info from:
xaputa: "Looks like bvirus won something too. Watch here: http://www.bskzone.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4233&st=20"
=> Yes, but nothing on http://www.aynclan.com
grindan: "One help : bviruszilla won against ninja_soul ( CsI_ramirez ) at Ayn clans tournament final . The score was 2 - 1 . Also L_Clan_Chris was involved in that tournament and lost to herrkut ."
2005 february Handicap Tournament
Argonaut_Goku_ - CsI_DreaIVIS_ PL_Dziamdziak Tsu_Shine L_Clan_Chris (5th), PL_PeEL, RoR_General_Z, L_Clan_Buddha, Csi_Ramirez, L_Clan_2Scared, ...

Official forum
All games in one archive
2005 march GGL AOC Playoff L_Clan_Chris - Argonaut_Goku_ L_Clan_Buddha Ladder: (win / lose)
1° ArgoNaut_GoKu_ 22 / 2
2° L_Clan_Chris 49 / 12
3° RoR_General_Z 28 / 23
4° ArgoNaut_Rami 17 / 3
5° PL_Dziamdziak 40 / 14
6° L_Clan_2ScareD 16 / 9
7° L_Clan_Capoch 44 / 19
8° I_Love_CanCaN_ 7 / 3
9° PL_PeEl 20 / 13
10° CULT_Goofy 61 / 32
11° ThuG_Rukie 19 / 31
12° L_Clan_Buddha 6 / 5
13° VNS_YEU_AI 43 / 23
14° L_Clan_Sutra 15 / 5


1st Round:

PL_PeEl vs I_Love_CanCaN
ThuG_Rukie vs PL_Dziamdziak
ArgoNaut_Rami vs L_Clan_Sutra
RoR_General_Z vs ETW_RaiD (suplent)
L_Clan_Buddha vs L_Clan_2ScareD
L_Clan_Capoch vs CULT_Goofy
L_Clan_Chris vs PERU_Giss (suplent)
ArgoNaut_GoKu_ qualified

2nd Round:

ArgoNaut_GoKu_ vs PL_PeEl
ArgoNaut_Rami vs ThuG_Rukie
L_Clan_Buddha vs RoR_General_Z
L_Clan_Chris vs L_Clan_Capoch

Semi Finales Winner Bracket:
L_Clan_Chris vs L_Clan_Buddha
ArgoNaut_GoKu_ vs ArgoNaut_Rami

1st Round Loser Bracket:

ThuG_Rukie vs PL_PeEl
L_Clan_Capoch vs RoR_General_Z
2005 avril Legion - The Regicide Imperator II L_Clan_Chris - PL_PeEL (2 - 0) _ArtOfZilla 4th L_Clan_Hackl
5th RoR_GeNeRaL_Z
(daut banned by Legion for political reason)
Final Result
2005 june UD CLan - Return of Champion ROC II CsI_Vegeta_ - CsI_DreaIVIS_ TsC_B1ade_ Bracket (cache)
Final bracket (cache)
2005 august 2005 China Hero Cup _MyST_BT4 vs _SWJ_Cloudy (3-1) _CTC_lalala _MyST_IORI
2005 august GGL Americup CsI_Vegeta - PL_Peel ( 2 - 1) L_Clan_Buddha 4) Dreams
5) L_Clan_Chris
6) Dziamzak
Zona Alpha:


Zona Beta:


Zona Gamma:


Zona Delta:

UD_Koty Republica


2005 august Legion - Back to Almaty
L_Clan_Chris - Rukie (3 - 2) CsI_Vegeta_ Grunt Bracket (cache)
All games in one archive (13 MB)
2005 august Bsk - MVP2
L_Clan_Chris - Csi_Tea
CsI_Vegeta_ 4th aexeco
Winner bracket:
Looser bracket:
All records (44 MB)
2006 january Bsk - MVP3
CsI_Vegeta_ - L_Clan_Chris (4 - 2) ½
CsI_Vegeta_ vs B1ade (3 - 1)
L_Clan_Chris vs Canary (3 - 2)
3rd place: Canary vs B1ade (4 - 0)

2006 march AoCGroup Tourney 1 vs 1 L_Clan_Chris - CsI_Vegeta_ (4 - 2) ½
CsI_Vegeta_ vs CNA_hs (3 - 0)
L_Clan_Chris vs _MyST_IORI_ (3 - 2)
2006 march Bsk - MVP4 Canceled
2006 march Bsk - Elite tournament Canceled Qualification:

Olympus_WraTh__ and HyM_Cyclops_x qualified. They join Daut, Chris, Ruso and Iori
2006 december WOTC - Arena Master Tournament
600 €
L_Clan_Chris - GunsAndRoses (3 - 0) ½
L_Clan_Chris vs MaloN_MutanT (3 - 0)
GunsNRoses VS Wild_RedHot (3 - 2)

AMT 3rd Place MaLoN_MutanT vs Wild_RedHot (3 - 0)

Sources: WOTC
2007 january Legion - Arbalet Cup 4
1st L_Clan_Chris
2nd Chan_Ka_Qing
3rd CsI_Daut
4th CNA_EnjoyLonely

1st place: $ 3000
2nd place: $ 2000
3rd place: $ 1100
4th place: $ 700
5th to 8th place: 400$
9th to 16th place: 200$

Sources: L_Clan

Hall of Fame



3rd or 4th

L_Clan_Shmeker(2652) CsI_vegeta_(2477) ArgoNauT_goku(2568) _DauT_(2670) DnB_DauT(2119) DauT_is_goku_(2415) huns4rooks_(2458) YuG_BajA_VII(2537) DnB_Serbia
Darko Dautovic

  1. FOPT "Anniversary-Cup"
  2. CERPIO Glatiator Cup
  3. Bsk - MVP
  4. UD CLan - Return of Champion ROC
  5. Elt - Hero Of Arabia
  6. Rakeshty aoc 2004
  7. Handicap Tournament
  8. UD CLan - Return of Champion ROC II
  9. GGL Americup
  10. Bsk - MVP3
3 3
L_Clan_Chris(2645) _IamChris(2383) _IamChrisis(2000) Ghostinthefog_(2561) infrared_Flame(2334) SugaryGryphon(2313) iwillwinu(2422) Christhebest(2186) icanwinu(2089) Tolko_II(2400) Eatpizza_(2282) CDG_(2316)
Chris Bourque

  1. Legion Cup II
  2. AOC $4000 Tourney
  3. Legion - Arbalet Cup III
  4. GGL AOC Playoff
  5. Legion - The Regicide Imperator II
  6. Legion - Back to Almaty
  7. Bsk - MVP2
  8. AoCGroup Tourney 1 vs 1
  9. WOTC - Arena Master Tournament
  10. Legion - Arbalet Cup 4
3 1
_oN_Silva_(2583) BsK_halen(2506) Halen__(2201) CNS_LF(2200) lyncher_(2317) __Harlequin(2233) _Nattiland(2392)
Akahiro Nakamura

  1. Legion - Arbalet Cup II
  2. Legion - Alliance Cup
  3. World Cyber Games 2002
1 1
Rabi90(2413) __Mossar(2326) CNS_Grunt(2047) BsK_erer_s(1921) (Halen_girl, wargrunt_kr)
Byung-geon Kang

  1. MS Tourney
  2. Legion Cup I
3 1

_MyST_BT4(2509) _MyST_023_GG(2174) _MyST_Meledy(2301) _21tc_wuming_(2009)
  1. FOPT - Simply the Best
  2. 2005 China Hero Cup
L_Clan_Capoch(2500) _riZen_Capoch(2198)
Patricion del Olmo

  1. MFO/Legion - "Long Live the King!" Fortress Regicide
  2. MFO - The Conquering Hero
3 3
Arch_koven_(2527) BsK_Cheat(2242) _Syuri_(2334) _Nathan_C_(2364) _Allandrengen_(2351) Love_with_rinda(2292)
Jae Back Lee

  1. Legion - Arbalet Cup I
  2. Note: Number one at Red Alert, AoE, AoK and at the begining of AoC
1 0
CNS_Yanzi(2486) Naruto_lee(2343) NamLand(2317) _Sayaka_A_(2280) CNS_Sakatuku(2278) I_love_yin_hing(2304) BsK__Chunyu(2175)
Chun Yu Shing

  1. Tvk Tourney
  2. Masters of AoC Lan
_IamKmkm (1958) _SuperMeow_(2242)
  1. World Cyber Games 2001
  1. FOPT - Arabia Masters
PL_PeEL(2480) Lord_K2(2105) I_m_Who_I_m(2212)
Kamil Krawczyk

  1. CERPIO Gladiator Cup II
1 1
StoRm_Blade_(2428) Rizen_blade_(2219) L_Clan_rami(2252) Rami(2369) No_cow_no_milk(2245) Argonaut_winds(2307) CsI_ramirez(2057) Ninja_soul(2309)
Rami Ish Shalom

  1. Legion - Cup 3 Aoc
1 1
Myung-jin Jung

Mimmox(2068) L_Clan_Dumbo(2102)
  1. FOPT - Birthday

  1. FOPT - Summer Cup
TODO: add Myst_Iori, RD_Champion, ...
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and many thx for all greats experts for so fun ! gg !

Photo of somes experts


Sources of informations:
XpLiCiT_Grubby: "i think halen won the koven cup too."
=> found nothing
Bsk_Barbarian: "i won yazgi in aoc underground tournoment 2001!"
Ares Cup: cf http://aoclife.ddo.jp/aoc/recs/xaputa_contributed-2004-recs/Ares_Cup.rar.txt
Here's a list of some major AOC tourney results.  Please feel free to add any other major tourney results or correct any mistakes in my list.  It's amazing how many major tourneys have been played in 2002.  Halen has won three of the tourneys in my list.  Is he as great as Koven?
P4 Zone Tourney 2002 - Chris vs NoX_Paradise
GeeK won the european cup
Yes Mozory (Korean) won the AOK WCG challenge in 2000 but he's not IamJordan (Taiwanese).
Well, if you are just going for AoC tournaments, it looks to wrap it up. But, as noted, you missed PAoE's major tournament, the Path of the Conqueror, in which Haws took home the gold and Rising was right behind him. Also, what about the Clash of the Titans (I and II ?). DevilZ_HigH and Koven were the two battlers if I'm not mistaken. NoX_Malice won some Maimn_Matty 2001 tournament. And I know Matty and Sheriff took home their fair share of early AoK tournaments. It seems you forgot quite a bit of history there =). Kmkm, Chris, and even Grunt really came into their own in this year (and the end of 2001) but really weren't major players in the time of Koven's heyday, with RD_ChampioN, Anycall_pd1, Djadja, etc. -Guster One more thing....whoever said that that 18+ MS tourney was crap because it was 18+ was totally mistaken. While there were a few notable players missing, it was action-packed. That was the tourney where people finally realized Gx_Iron had game. Took everyone long enough (I think the Huns sort of took off after that tourney, also.) Mossar__ is Grunt. Mozory was some 2100+ dude from Korea I think. Records repository:
Old games (french): http://aokworld.free.fr/download2.htm
5/2001 : korea2003 vs Arch_Koven : http://www.rtscentral.com/readTopic.asp?hdr=&PostingId=611504

Csi Touney : http://aoclife.ddo.jp/aoc/recs/xaputa_contributed-2004-recs/CsiRecs.rar.txt
finale : http://www.rtscentral.com/readPosting.asp?PostingId=933810
les parties : http://www.rtscentral.com/Library.asp?VolumeId=17&Action=LISTLIBRARY&filter_strvalue1=Alliance+Cup
braket : http://www.rtscentral.com/Events.asp?EventId=154&Action=SHOWBRACKET&BracketId=331

MFO List : http://www.rtscentral.com/events.asp?Action=SHOWEVENTS
AOC $4000 Tourney
Legion Cup Super Final 2002 - Koven (L_Clan_Chris) match, not tourney
P4 Tourney 2002 - L_Clan_Chris (NoX_Paradise) added thx 2 ...


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